The mother was slammed as "dangerous" for using scissors on her child, while they slept for the elves on the shelf pranks

2021-12-16 08:03:19 By : Ms. Sue Su

ELF on the Shelf is a fun opportunity to make your child feel excited about Christmas.

But for this mother, she might have exaggerated the elf's naughty antics.

Julissa, a mother of five, shared a shot of her using scissors to cut holes in the children’s pajamas when they slept on Tiktok.

The video has been viewed 19.5 million times and warned that "the actions in this video may cause serious injury."

In this 11-second video, she showed how she used scissors to cut children’s pajamas, followed by their elf "biscuits," with cut fabric fragments and a slogan: “I’m cold, I can’t find it. Blanket, I hope you don’t mind."

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Many commentators worry about the children being hurt, as one netizen said: “Are there other people who would cringe because they would cut their own skin too!??!” Many people agreed with her.

Julissa explained in the comment: "I have 5 children with only CHILL shirts. My three boys are about the same age. Has anyone heard of HAND ME DOWNS?"

"Even the baby is wearing my niece's figure!"

As for where she got the inspiration for this prank, Julissa explained: “The man in green also cut off his shirt that day, so he gave me this idea.”

Many viewers label her thoughts as "dangerous", many people think it "feels wrong", and some people think this prank is "interesting."

"If I knew he was cutting my clothes in my sleep, I would be afraid of the elf on the shelf where I was a child." An audience member said.

One commenter admitted: "This will leave me with permanent scars when I was a child."

One realized: "This is a way to scare children."

"Ooh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Not...Buckel.

One parent said they: "I have to swear to my children that their little elves will never approach their room. If that happens, they will be very scared. It will ruin them."

Another parent added: "My child will be terrified!!!"

Some people worry about wasted pajamas and say: "I must be poor, because I will never rrrr."

"Bruh, I don't have the money to cut out such good clothes." Another said that many people joked to let the children sleep in "cheap" pajamas.

Another thought it would make the children unhappy because they might like their pajamas and said: "If this were my favorite pair, I would cry very sadly"

Some people are also worried about Julissa's technique. She said: "You scared me, you just didn't mention the slices before cutting them. Fortunately you didn't cut the skin."

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