"Pink Darling" provides toys and pajamas for the family-CBS Pittsburgh

2021-12-16 07:36:54 By : Ms. Bessie Wu

Bethel Park (KDKA)-On Sunday, Santa’s sleigh reached Nanshan early.

Volunteers filled boxes of toys and pajamas for local families.

The Pink Pamper, a non-profit organization, organized a large-scale distribution event in Bethel Park.

The organization’s endowment fund supports hundreds of children and women each year.

Marian Geisler, President and Founder of The Pink Pamper, said: “If you look good, feel good, and in order to make these women recover faster and better, we are helping to relieve the stress of the holiday and let They have a normal holiday.".

"We have received donations from all over the world," said Lea Ann Rattigan, Vice President of The Pink Pamper. "We even asked private people to say,'I want to bring a family.' So they went out to buy things by themselves.

They raised more than $10,000 this year and got help from the Bethel Park Women's Volleyball Team and other charity elves.

Toys worth $5,000 and dozens of pajamas donated by Pajama Pals are part of another charitable mission for Bethel Park School District students.